history of work

the driving force of my art is expressing, in both color and line, human emotions, values & concepts.  i believe that this pull allows me to express themes that run through all humanity:  joy, passion, justice and the urge to grow/expand, beyond the known.

as a child i was not content with the small crayola box, once the box of 64 came out in 1958. luckily for me, i was left to my own devices as a child and had the freedom to create utilizing anything that lay at-hand.  this meant that not even my mothers’ lace curtains were safe from my scissors.  i also seem to vaguely remember an incident that involved the sofa and a tube of very red lipstick…

although it wasn’t until the last ten years that I ever consider myself a professional artist; the lives of my family, friends nd acquaintances are peppered with some of my creations, which found a way into their homes. as a self-taught artist, i wound my way into painting in the late 90’s, and have since, found my true home.  i enjoy the ‘immediacy’ and ‘forgiveness’ of working with acrylics; usually rich colors, boldly stroked on canvas, and am drawn to the use of strong lines, and loose geometric patterns in making my pieces.   

when i feel the pull to move my paintings in a new direction, i only have a vague or hazy image in my mind; and so I begin by laying a background of bright color(s).  i then hang the canvas, as is, and live with it for a time; until inspiration for the next move takes hold.  the cycle is repeated until an image begins to appear that resonates with the idea in my head. 

i prefer utilizing a variety of brush shapes and sizes for each piece, as the strokes themselves aid in the uncovering and translating of the image in my mind.  i’ve recently discovered the pleasure in carving an image with the palette knife and have spent a great deal of time exploring its usage, to great results; as they are now, my primary tool.

i am fortunate to be able to have my studio located within a shared gallery. i am able to paint with people meandering in and out of my studio… and as a social person, i have seen myself and my work grow in depth and clarity, as a result of having the luxury of this interplay. 

i hope to see you soon!

exhibition record

Juried Shows
2013-Unfamiliar Landscapes, October, O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA
2008 – Oakside Café, San Francisco, CA
2007 – Bazaar Café, San Francisco, CA
2007 – Jumpin’ Java, San Francisco, CA

Group Shows
2013 – Marin Open Studios
2013 – Spring, Studio 333 Open Studios
2012 – Fall, Studio 333 Open Studios
2012 – Spring, Studio 333 Open Studios
2011 – Fall, Studio 333 Open Studios
2010 -  ArtWorks Downtown, San Rafael, CA
2005 – Cell Space, San Francisco, CA
Solo Shows
2013 – Sproos Salon, San Anselmo, CA   
2012/2013 – Amara Digital Media, LLC, Traverse City, MI
2009 - 2012 Westside Community Services, San Francisco, CA
2007 -  Oakside Café, San Francisco, CA
2006 – Oakside Café, San Francisco, CA