i am my best self when creating.  my work is guided by my inner self-awareness and imagination.  i utilize colors and my brush and palette knife strokes to express my interpretation of what I understand of the world(s) we all live in. 

at an early age i began attempting to mimic what i saw and felt of the world through rudimentery drawings of the flora and fauna that bordered my life; as my skills increased, i expanded into pen & ink landscapes,  and moved on to still life watercolors. i finally moved to painting in the late 90's and found my true work.

as a young woman, i became deeply inspired by the works of vincent van gough and his use of color, and his lush use of paint with each of his brush strokes; his ability to capture scenes of the world were well beyond what i knew to be 'the norm'.  studying his work, opened the door for me to begin seeing with my inner eye.  this changed me and how i approached my work, and set me free to dive into a deeper appreciation of the works of the great abstract artists, most notably for me, were the color pairings of mark rothko and the geometric patterns of paul klee. 

i now view my work as a second language, and my paitings speak of how i experience the world; its colors, its shapes, its feelings, and its messages.